Deribit London Infrastructure

  • Deribit infrastructure is hosted in Equinix LD4 in Slough (UK).

  • There are various ways to connect to the new infrastructure: Deribit offers colocation up to 2U server in our client rack.

    • Alternatively, clients can request cross-connects from their own servers inLD4.

    • In partnership with Beeks Financial (link). UltraFX (link) or LiquidityConnect (link) clients can get access via a virtual setup within LD4

    • Finally, connectivity via the internet remains possible as well

    • ‼️ All internet traffic is routed via 

    • From the hosted servers you can also still use, but that traffic will be routed through the load balancer. You may consider using the direct connection as a better connectivity option.

    • The connection for the cross-connect will be done through BGP. We will provide different /24 subnets from the block to establish the connection to third parties. Details about the BGP peering will be provided once a cross-connect is requested.

  • IP & Ports:

Hosting in client rack

  • Clients can order a maximum 1 or 2 u for GBP 250 + VAT per u per month.

  • You can choose either 2x 1u or 1x 2u

  • Service includes:

    • 1 hr smart hands for the installation

    • Hosting of your server

    • Energy

    • 50 mbps ISP

    • Cross-connect to Deribit. 

  • The patch will be done with a Twinax cable. All of them will be 5 meters long and rate-limited to 1gbit. We'll offer a primary and secondary link, so you'll need at least 2 ports available to cross-connect to our infrastructure. 

  • Patches to other destinations need to land directly into your server (no switch). 

  • Deribit will not procure client servers. 

  • Clients are not able to add network equipment (e.g. firewall to terminate the internet handoff).

  • This service requires signing a hosting agreement, please contact us here ( for more information

  • Server requirements:

  • Requirements hardware:

    • The server needs to have at least 2x10gbit SFP+ ports

    • The server needs to have at least 2x1gbit RJ45 ports

    • The server needs to have at least 1 IPMI or ILO port

    • The server needs to have a redundant PSU

    • We only accept a maximum of 1 server per rack unit.

    • Both the 2xRJ45 ports and 2xSFP+ ports need to be setup in an active-passive bond (or teaming in Windows). We will ​not ​support LACP. The static IP addresses for both bonds/teams will be supplied by DRB Hosting.

    • The IPMI interface has to be configured with a static IP address supplied by DRB  Hosting.

    • The Client needs to supply 2xC13 power cables.

Cross Connects 

  • When you apply for a cross-connect to your own rack, we recommend a LC-LC 10Gb LR SM fibre connection. 

  • The cross-connect will be a 10 Gigabit cross-connect. 

  • Cross connects from Deribit’s perspective are free, you only need to pay the Equinix fees.

  • Please contact your Equinix account manager to request a cross-connect and approach us here ( to receive the LOA.


What is the speed difference between the cross-connect and the hosted solution?

  • Cross-connect from your own rack links to the Equinix meet me room (MMR) and then to our Matching Engine. Therefore, the distance to our platform is shorter as no MMR is involved

Will there be any equalised/harmonised/normalized in the cross-connect and hosted solution?

  • No, latency depends on your distance to the MMR

Does the move to LD4 also include protocol changes? 

  • No

Can the hosted solution have cross-connects to other locations within LD4?

  • Yes but patches to other destinations need to land directly into your server (no switch).

What is the location of the Deribit Matching Engine in LD4?

  • Suite:050GS03 – Equinix LD4, 2 Buckingham Avenue, Slough, SL1 4NB, UK.