About Us

Deribit: The Institutional Grade Crypto Derivatives Platform

After several years of development, Deribit was launched in June 2016. John Jansen, the original founder, teamed up with Marius Jansen and our current CTO and started Deribit as a Bitcoin Futures and Options trading platform. At Deribit, we believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. It is our goal to continue to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency derivatives market. We envision a future where cryptocurrencies are used by everyone and traded by millions. We are ready for the future, and so is our system.

CEO DRB Panama Inc: John Jansen

Bitcoin enthusiast - Amsterdam Exchange options trader in 1999

John is the architect of the exchange; driven by perfection and good is not enough. Heard about Bitcoin for the first time in the summer of 2012 and was immediately hooked. Started with trading crypto on several exchanges. Not much later in early 2014 he had the epiphany to create a cryptocurrency futures and options trading platform. 

John: "As an Options exchange you need to give market makers the possibility to add or edit hundreds or even thousands of orders in a second with minimum latency. It was a big challenge to create the basis for such a platform with direct market access via the web."

About Deribit

Deribit has been created as an answer to those in search of a professional fully dedicated cryptocurrencies futures and options trading platform. A service that can create a fully liquid marketplace with the same standards as a traditional derivatives market.

Our Values

We are one of the fastest-growing crypto trading platforms in the world, and we believe that our core values are the drivers for this success.

  • Integrity

Trust of our users is essential; therefore, we conduct our business with the highest standard of integrity by providing a fair risk management system, equal treatment of all market participants, and advanced security solutions.

  • Quality of Service

Crypto trading is a borderless, 24/7 process, in which quality of service cannot be compromised. Customers are our most significant value; therefore, our goal is to provide uninterrupted and smooth trading experience. We aim to achieve this by continuously scaling and advancing our system architecture, minimizing maintenance times, and providing prompt and multilingual customer service.  

  • Innovation

In the fast-paced crypto environment, innovation is a must. Deribit is a solution-driven company that aims to provide the best trading experience to millions of users, with this ambition rooted in our scalable and high-performance system architecture.


In order to secure the best exchange matching standards, the system has been in continuous development to assure extreme performance before going live. The entire framework of the platform has been developed to assure the ability to handle very large numbers of requests with ultra-low latency (<1 ms). 

The Deribit matching engine is developed in the Erlang language a protocol that is known to be robust, reliable and able to manage many concurrent messages and modules. All of our technology is proprietary, which includes the matching engine, risk metrics, portfolio margining etc. 

Our incremental liquidation and risk management system have warranted zero instances of socialized losses since launch.