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General support

General questions regarding the exchange.


Any feedback is appreciated. Also use this email address for bug bounties.

Investor relations

Interested in partnering up with Deribit? Please contact us here.

Business and Press

Technical/API support

Please send any technical questions regarding API connectivity here. This will send an email straight to one of our developers.


❗️ Be aware of scammers. ❗️ Deribit will NEVER ask you to send money to us either in a Telegram chat or via a private message. ❗️ Anyone asking you to do so is a scammer. ❗️ Private messages from those appearing to be a Deribit staff are FAKE. None of the Deribit official team will ever initiate a private/direct message conversation, we always wait for the client to contact us first. ❗️ Please report scammer messages as spam and block them.


Deribit is operated by DRB Panama Inc., a corporation incorporated under the laws of Panama, registered at the (Mercantile) Record No 155684990, Panama City, Republic of Panama.